We’ve already got a page on this site about Your Plastic Footprint. You’ll also find some brilliant ideas and can download your Individual Action Plan from Surfers Against Sewage.

We’d like to challenge you, our Street Activists, to take 3 single use plastic items out of your life during 2019. The team here have found it easiest to:

Be realistic – it takes a few weeks to get into the habit of remembering your reusable bottle, cup or cutlery. Try to think about what you might need at the start of the day so you remember to take what you need with you.

Click here to download the Refill App which will show you all the places in Leamington which will happily fill up your water bottle for free!

Our friends at Reyousable have a fantastic range of single-use plastic alternatives – and they are based out of Leamington. Read their latest blog on finding the perfect reusable coffee cup for you.

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