Local business can play a crucial part to inspire behavioural change, from managing litter outside their premises to reducing their reliance on single-use plastic.

We want to encourage and celebrate those who are making a difference so will be publicly recognising ‘Now or Never Green Businesses’, starting in Leamington.

We’ve created a checklist with a number of steps businesses can choose from to build points towards recognition. The more points a business gains, the higher the level of award.

Simple guidelines make actions straightforward and doable. A small investment in time, a bit of passion for the environment and a willingness to champion a little positive change is all that’s needed.

To get your business involved contact us. To get you inspired here are 3 examples of the actions your business could take to get the first level of recognition: 

Commit to removing litter outside your premises once a day

Sign up as a Refill, Reuse location

Replace one type of disposable item used by the business with an environmentally friendly alternative

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