The whole of the UK has a serious litter problem. Take a look around you – every village, town, city, beach and roadside is blighted with the lazy leftovers of our daily lives.

Clean Up Britain had been wrestling hard with how to properly ignite the conversation about litter and the damage it does.

We had seen the RSPCA stats – they get 5000 calls a year about animals injured by litter. Instinctively, we knew that this must be the tip of the iceberg.

We began looking hard at the impacts of litter on animals. With help of the RSPCA, the British Veterinary Association and the pet charity, Blue Cross, we built out the bigger picture. Our campaign ‘Litter Kills’ was born.

Many thanks our film maker Mark Punt and to the organisations and individuals who gave permission for us to use these powerful images – RSPCA, Phil Kinsey, Craig Nash, PETA and Animal Aid Unlimited.

We understand the images are upsetting – that’s the point. We need to give people a reason to react strongly to seeing others litter and make those who do think twice. We have to shift attitudes and behaviour.

Thanks to London’s System 1 Agency for their incredibly hard work on this.

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