It’s time we all started taking steps to reduce our plastic footprint and it’s easier than you might think.

We’ve compiled a list of simple things you can choose from to get started – do one, do a few, or do them all.

Carry and use a reusable shopping bag.

Take a refillable bottle for water when out and about (save money on bottled water).

Say no to plastic straws.
Why not try Bamboo Straws.

Get a discount for using a reusable cup for your take-out drinks.

Carry a fork and knife and forgo disposable cutlery.

Get a bamboo toothbrush!
We like the Humble Brush.

Pass on chewing gum – the base is made from synthetic rubber which never biodegrades.

Use good old bars of soap, not the stuff which comes in plastic pump bottles.

No more cling film.
Try Bees Wax Wraps – a natural, reusable alternative.

Choose loose over plastic packaged fruit and veg (or use a local market).

Seek out your local milkman…..they still exist!

Do you have an idea?
Let us Know!

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